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Medical 'Skin-to-Thing' Tailored solutions

Excellence Center for Design & Development of medical wearables and skin contact devices

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Medical Skin-to-Thing Tailored Solutions

Harness our years of experience & Expertise to solve all  aspects of your device 'Skin-to-Thing' challenges

Advanced technologies and innovative products bring more exciting wearable medical devices  to the market. In many cases these require a medical S2T (Skin-to-Thing) solution - a perfect element which will adhere your device to the skin with maximal comfort and safety.
We support experts like you who can focus on their innovation and device, while we support the project with our unique expertise of development & Design of body and skin fixation solutions for medical device.

Your IP combined with our expertise & 'know how' is a perfect match when:

You need a tailored solution for your specific application and device.
Your device addresses specific challenges of usability, human factors and end-user characteristics. 

You seek an optimal design for manufacturing and desire the most suitable and cost-effective  solution & technologies for your S2T solution.

You require professional material scouting and sourcing of optimal & bio-compatible materials for your specific device fixation needs.

You need guidance to choose a reliable and capable manufacturing site with adequate standards, facilities and technologies.

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we'll be happy to support you with the perfect S2T (Skin-to-Thing) solution for your device .

What makes us successful in offering you the perfect  S2T solution?

Single point of Professional Experts Dedicated to 'Skin-to-Thing' Solutions and committed to our customers success 

Achieving an optimal tailored solution for your device requires:

Extensive Knowledge of medical applications and clinical challenges.

Mechanic & Electronic Engineering capabilities with a unique orientation to S2T.

Deep Human factors and Design understanding.

Biocompatible materials properties and vast experience with their applications as well as their potential interactions with different materials and manufacturing & converting technologies.

WE have a wide network of leading suppliers and manufacturers and can offer you the optimal tailored and non-biased solution for YOUR needs, from design, material selection, prototyping, and overseeing manufacturing process with our preferred converters and suppliers who will match YOUR needs.


Med-S2T - Connecting People to Health-Benefiting Devices.

Our Services

Female Scientist Using Microscope

Medical Grade Material sourcing

Expert Guidance for Bio-compatible Materials from a wide range of first class suppliers. Addressing materials selection at early stage with a firm understanding of medical regulation requirements considerations such as  cytotoxity, skin irritation and sensitization. Using a range of different materials including Medical adhesives, Medical foams, Medical tapes, Hydrogels, Hydrocolloids,  PCB integratio,  Medical non-Wovens etc.

Dermatology Consultation

S2T ('Skin-to-Thing) Design And Development

Optimal Path to Success with Cost effective and rapid

Time-to-market Solutions of medical device body fixations.
Our experience in design, development and manufacturing of 'Skin-to-Thing' solutions, allows us to have a clear understanding of the relations between optimal design and manufacturing technology. Hence, suggesting the optimal cost effective solution to our customer and providing a complete solution in all stages.


Tailored Solutions Designed by Experts & trusted partners

Design for Manufacturing your Unique S2T solution according to your device & application requirements. With our firm understanding of clinical and usability consideration, we will be able to provide the optimal and most human-factors guided design. This critical element may be the one that hook up the user to your device or causes rejection.

Business Team Research

Medical Manufacturing Sourcing services

With our extraordinary network of reliable manufacturers ad coverters, we can suggest the best fit and choice for your specific product needs and technologies.

Med-S2T has the extraordinary capabilities & expertise to solve the skin fixation challenges involved in wearable medical devices development.

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Have a particular Skin fixation challenge for your wearable medical device ?

Contact us now and find out how Med-S2T can best serve &  support your project.

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