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Medical Skin-to-Thing Tailored solutions

The leading solution provider of Medical Device interfaces to Human Skin.


Medical Skin-to-Thing Tailored Solutions

Expertise. Experience. Knowledge. Network. 

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At Med -S2T, we believe it is the people who make the difference. 

Our first class team and partners include excellent professionals from interdisciplinary fields: mechanic and electronic engineering with converting background, Industrial design of medical body fixation solutions with medical grade materials, Medical staff and digital health experts, regulatory experts and medical device professionals. Our team's global reputation puts us at the front as keynote speakers in major international conventions.

We maintain an unrivaled professional network and relations with leading suppliers and manufacturers in our field. Hence, we are on top of all new developments and able to provide the perfect solution in the most professional and timely manner. 

Our comprehensive approach to each S2T project by our A-team, allows experts like you to focus on your innovation and device, while we support your project with our unique expertise. Your IP combined with our expertise & 'know how' in:

  • Creating a tailored solution for your specific application and device.

  • Design for manufacturing and develop the most suitable  solution & technologies for your S2T solution.

  • Sourcing the optimal & bio-compatible materials for your device fixation.

  • Sourcing a suitable manufacturing site.


Our expert and dedicated Design & engineering team, will review your inquiry and tailor a unique offer for your project.


Contact us now to start enjoying our unique services and achieve the perfect S2T (Skin-to-Thing) solution for your exciting device.

Med-S2T is also offering business development, sales and marketing services in the area of IT industry in Israel.

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Have a particular Skin fixation challenge for your wearable medical device ? Contact us now and find out how Med-S2T can support your project.

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Med-S2T has the extraordinary capabilities & expertise to solve the skin fixation challenges involved in wearable medical devices development.

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