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Medical Skin-to-Thing Tailored solutions

The leading solution provider of Medical Device interfaces to Human Skin.


What is S2T


Medical Solution?

The Critical pillar & enabler interfacing a

medical device to the human skin.

IoMT (Internet of Medical Things)  & Digital Health are fast growing fields. Those are fueling the medical wearables market rapid evolution. IoMT enables now the connectivity of a medical device or "Thing" to the Internet, allowing data collection, diagnostic, self-testing, monitoring and treatment of numerous health conditions.

The "Skin to Thing" medical grade tailored solution is required to adhere the device to the body. It is indeed the body/machine crucial interface that allows a safe, comfortable and effective implementation of the device.


The starting point of every architecture for Digital health is always the patient and the patient's "Skin" interface To the "Thing" (S2T - Skin-to-Thing). However, this crucial element is often overlooked by medical device developers, left for a later stage of design although at times, it may be the determining factor of implementation of the entire digital device. 

When designing a wearable device with us, engineering teams are becoming more and more familiar with the crucial role of an optimal S2T ("Skin to Thing") solution to adhere their device to the patient's skin.


Endless applications such as monitoring, nerve stimulation, drug delivery and many more, are now transforming healthcare as we used to know it and relying on such S2T solutions.


Crucial factors such as: Biocompatibility and regulation requirements

Possible material interactions due to manufacturing technologies

Comfortability to the end user

– these aspects of body/machine interface are all critical and handling such challenges is our expertise.


At Med-S2T we are assuring that the deserved attention is given to those elements in order to allow our customers to make the educated decisions with respect to the attachment of their device to the skin.


Using our expertise and unique comprehensive knowledge, we help our customers to assure the successful usage and benefits of their technological breakthrough in the medical device market.

We are proud to be able to make our humble, yet meaningful contribution to the implementation of our customer's brilliant inventions, and make a difference in patients' and users' lives around the world!

Common Medical Applications


Patient Monitoring

ECG, EEG, Vital Signs, SpO2, Temprature, Heart Rater etc.


Drug Delivery

Patch pumps, Auto Injectors, Pre-filled Syringes.

Diagnostic Devices


Disease monitoring, Symptoms evaluation, Drug efficacy assessment etc.

Nerve or Muscle Stimulation

nerve stimulation.jpg

Pain relief, Muscle stimulation treatment & self testing devices etc.

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